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The Planes And Worlds
An ASCII rendering of The Planes And Worlds Chart from God Speaks.
Sound, Sight And Smell
The different religious practices and the yogas, after establishing contact with the higher planes, induce experiences peculiar to those planes.
The Planes
Only on the seventh plane does the soul fulfill the initial urge for self-knowledge by experiencing its own Self as identical with the unchanging, eternal, indivisible and formless Over-Soul, with infinite knowledge, infinite reality (Truth), infinite power and infinite bliss.
Who Can Vouch For The Integrity Of The Present Civilization?
You must have felt by now your question answered by realizing how impossible it is for science to probe the subtle and higher planes.
He Who Is Knowledge Itself Can Do This
But where are these planes and spheres?
Further Progress In The Planes
Progress will depend on the help of a Perfect Master, or on his own efforts in the life of that particular plane of consciousness.
States Of Consciousness, One, Two, Three, Four
ALL Souls (atmas) were, are and will be in the Over-Soul (Paramatma). Souls (atmas) are all One. God Speaks, "Part 1" complete.
Darkness Is No More
Baba was pleased to explain the mystical meaning of the words ghunghat (veil) and pata (folds).
Energy State
In the energy state, the eating and drinking of the body state are paralleled by the absorption and assimilation of energy.
The Ocean Is As It Was
To know illusion as illusion and to experience the Ocean, these subtle and mental planes have to be passed through.
By No Means Equivalent To The Reality Of That Infinite Power Of God
Subtle-conscious God in the man state in the fourth plane is in reality infinite energy personified.
Progress In Imagination
Strictly speaking, none of the six planes of duality can be said to be really nearer to the seventh plane than any others.
Kuber Stands At The Threshold Of The Beloved
The human beings on the fourth plane have a particular physical characteristic — beware of their glance.
Hafiz Refers To The Planes, Part 1, Part 2
Hafiz evidently refers to the first plane when he says: "It is not known where the real abode of the Divine Beloved is; only this much is clear, that I hear the sound of bells (from the travelling caravans)."
Fana-Baqa: Baqa-Billah, Part 1, Part 2
The Sufi term "baqa" means "abiding-in."
An Illusion Of Knowledge
Intellect is the lowest form of understanding and is simply developed by reading, hearing, reasoning and logic.
Subtle Light Is Bursting Upon The Second Plane
While passing through the rapture of the second heaven, the pilgrim's subtle consciousness becomes clear.
Fana-Fillah — The Goal Of God In The Man State, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
The first stage of fana is the conscious experience of the absolute vacuum state, and the second stage of fana or fana-fillah is the conscious experience of the "I am God" state.
The World Of Time
The first heaven (the astral) is closer to the gross world than to the subtle world, and time exists only in the gross world.
The Luster Of The Eternal And Infinite Power
The radiation of the Luster of the Eternal and Infinite Power which is the “Sun,” first passes through the Mental Sphere and is made use of by those in the Mental Sphere.
Planes And Heavens — Kadams, Gams And Muqams, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
A kadam is a step along the Path in any subtle plane. A gam is a breathing space on the Path in any subtle plane. A muqam is a place of rest on the Path in any subtle plane.
Circles And Circles Of Light
In the second section or part of the first heaven, the pilgrim sees circles and circles of light swirling like universes at an unimaginable speed.
Planes Of Consciousness In The Next Incarnation
A child born with consciousness of a certain plane is not all at once conscious of the plane. The plane unfolds very gradually as the child grows.

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