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Dr. G. S. N. Moorty

Dear Eruch,

Setting aside the Miracle of a Telegram from Beloved Baba in Seclusion, sent on my birthday, (I have to say so, since Baba does not want His lovers to believe in miracles) I am glad to be reminded by the nearest and dearest Pet-Boy of Lord Meher, that I have still a heart left with me.

So long I was under the impression that a broken heart which I had, was given to God, to get it repaired and returned, so that I may use it again for the purpose of Love. It is the irony of my fate, that I must continue to possess a broken heart after due repairs.

Yes, I repeat that I gave my broken heart to Baba, on a Repair and Return scheme ... Ha ... Ha ... Ha you have rightly assessed the correct commercial value of a broken heart. So, you mean to confirm that I do what my broken heart says. For, I am such a fortunate fellow that by the time God wanted me to sacrifice myself at the Divine Altar of the Heart, I could manage to show a broken heart and retain it without surrendering the same.

If I had then a pure and complete heart (unbroken), the Lord of Love, dealing with all sorts of hearts, might not have returned it to me. It is better that I carry the broken heart than ask the Emperor of Hearts to keep it in His safe custody, as otherwise I would lose even the broken bits.

Heart Heart Heart, you talk so much on heart in these days of my distress when I am in dire necessity of a Heart ... It is for the sake of Heart alone that I want to work. Where is my Heart?

I thought Baba would replace a broken heart ... But, no. There seems to be a big bargain in this Heart-Business ... Baba, like the good old Goldsmith, became a Heart Smith in Silence, and returns all broken hearts after repairing them in His Seclusion ...

The present indefinite phase of His Strict Seclusion is perhaps strained (on account of a lot of broken hearts being dumped at His door in such a congested manner that the Avatar finds it not so easy to clear the way). Then, there are minor repairs and major repairs. And, above all, there are some damaged hearts, so badly damaged they are beyond any economic repairs. Such a heart must fail. Please let me listen to what it says.

Are you not the Avatar's Agent in collecting all broken hearts? I know you are happy because your old broken heart has been replaced by a New Heart. If it gives any trouble, do not worry. You are near the Heart smith. What about me?

Yours lovingly,



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