Symbols of the world's religions

The heart, feeling in its inner experiences the glow of love, has glimpses of the unity of the spirit.

— Meher Baba

DISCOURSES, pp. 95-96
1987 © AMBPPCT


The Province Of The Heart
The heart, which in its own way feels the unity of life, wants to fulfill itself through a life of love, sacrifice, and service.
Not To Learn But To Be Awakened
For the dnyani there are a thousand questions to all of which the bhakti (lover) has one answer — and it is all-sufficient and satisfying.
Let His Love Soak Into Our Very Being
Remember never to despair at lapses or so-called 'failures' — just try your best and leave to Him the rest.
Repair And Return Scheme
Baba, like the good old Goldsmith, became a Heart Smith in Silence, and returns all broken hearts after repairing them in His Seclusion.
The Heart Is Undaunted
The heart, when purified becomes the dwelling of the Beloved.
I Dare Not Care Not
When everything goes wrong, the mind becomes helpless and it has to rely entirely on the heart.

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