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Just as an ordinary person cannot distinguish between a real and an imitation pearl, you cannot distinguish between a real saint and an imitation saint.

— Meher Baba

THE BEST OF GLOW, ed. Naosherwan Anzar, p. 18
1984 © Naosherwan Anzar



The Difference Is Tremendous
A sincere belief, no matter how false, does not chain the seeker irredeemably, because he is open to correction.
Be Ye Inheritors Of The Life Eternal...
...which comes to those who seek!
The Habit Of Having Followers
At the Eastern sahawas there were four saints. Two genuine saints, and two — let us call them — saints.
You Must Not Ask Me The Why
Once upon a time, this saint encountered an angel and requested him to be allowed to be with him in his wanderings on earth, so that he may understand something of the secret workings of God.
Everything We Looked At Was Enchanted
There are in Europe as in other continents holy places particularly connected with great spiritual work.
Baba Is The Maha Purusha
When sitting before Baba, the sant said, "It is my great good fortune that I sit today at your feet."
Saint Mira
When she died all revered her, and now people repeat her bhajans.
Saint Mira
As years passed, she looked radiant in her rags.
Mirabai And Her Love For Krishna
That is what God wants, and that is what Mira gave to Krishna
What Is A 'Saint'?
A saint is one who sees Me as I really am, and seeing Me as I really am, means seeing nothing else but My effulgence continuously.
He Is One Not As Other Men Are
What this saint perceived at that moment in Baba was a spiritual experience which we felt with reverence.
Like The Shooting Of An Arrow From A Bow
"Sir, your spiritual status is very exalted among the saints of the day and yet you lead a distressful and harsh life."
Something Impossibly Difficult
The Saint Gadge Maharaj once said, "Baba is like the Sun, and I am like a little lamp."
Think It Over!
At the moment there are a number of saints in Dehra Dun, Hardwar and Rishikesh.
Karma Of Interference
If a person pays respect to a saint on the higher planes of consciousness, he creates a claim against him.
Just Like A Nut Caught In The Crusher
There are two types of saints: (1) real saints and (2) imitation saints.
You Shattered My Deafness — St. Augustine
You touched me, and now I burn with longing for your peace.
Pir Fazl Shah
The saint's followers then expressed their astonishment by noting that ever since the morning, the saint had been saying that someone was coming whom they would not know but that everything had to be clean for him.
Either do not form friendship with an elephant driver; Or be prepared to receive his elephant as well.
The Vision Was Granted
She woke very cheerful and happy, and told her husband of the experience.
Dervish At The Door
A dervish knocked at a house/ to ask for a piece of dry bread,/ or moist, it didn't matter.
A Saint
If you overcome these three enemies, you are a vali (saint), a person who controls kam, krodh, and kanchan.
Unbounded Saints Rarely Fitted Into The Pattern Of Creeds
Mostly they lived apart and sought God through intimate experience of Divine Love which overflowed into their everyday living, and which could not be circumscribed by convention or formalism.
Gadge Maharaj, A Well-Known Saint
One day Father mentioned to Meher Baba that Gadge Maharaj came frequently to our home for lunch and that, whenever asked, he gave money to Maharaj for the poor.
Jagannath Maharaj, Like The Holy One Of Assisi
Jagannath Maharaj, like the holy one of Assisi, shows an unexampled integrity of simple living, notwithstanding his fame and the fullest opportunities for an easy life.
As Saint Francis Had Loved Jesus
Through his intense love for Christ, he received the stigmata (marks of the Cross) and at this time, Baba told us, He also became God-Realized.
It Is A Nostalgia Or A Glimpse That Haunts Them
Once started, travelers on that path cannot, even if they would, turn back, for they are consumed ceaselessly with the love and desire for the Divine.
Eruch Jessawala: Cure Yourself
This saint's body was covered with nodules, with fleshy growths, and so grotesque was his appearance that people couldn't bear the sight of him.

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