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Message for the 41st anniversary of His Silence:

God's first Word was "Who am I."
God's last Word is "I am God."
And the Word that I the God-Man
Will utter soon will be the
Sound of My Infinite Silence.

LOVE ALONE PREVAILS, Kitty Davy, p. 640
1981 © AMBPPCT


The Beauty Of The Lord Is Ineffable
Baba assured everyone present that once he started to keep silence he would not lose control of his temper or utter a word thereafter.
Divine Life
The silence which I have been observing for the past thirty-one years is not intended to veil my Truth but to manifest it.
Stop, Stop!
I have often repeated to myself the answer to man's misery, in the words, "Ye have asked enough."
Not Until The World Cries Out For God Will I Give Up My Silence
Meher Baba replied, "I have come not to teach, but to awaken!"
The Real Word
When the Word of My Love breaks out of its silence...
Let Me Hear Your Song
Now don't be disappointed but continue to gather together with all enthusiasm and drown in the Ocean of My Silence so that you may find My new Song.
My Silence Had To Be
The breaking of my silence will reveal to man the universal oneness of God, which will bring about the universal brotherhood of man.
The Sound In His Silence
His apparent silence was speaking; though he appeared to be silent, he was working through his silence.
Silence Unbroken
He had promised me most solemnly to have me with Him when He broke His Silence.
The Rebalancing Of Consciousness
Wine is a silent language, but it is very powerful.
Beyond Time (A Parable)
When I started observing silence, I said that I will break it soon.
Baba Keeps Silence
He often reminded us that when he did finally break his silence, his word would have the effect of an atom bomb.
To Bless The World Forever
The all-pervading Silence that is personified in Meher Baba is activated by His living presence on earth.
The Immortality Of Universal Life
Learn the art of taking your stand on the Truth within.
An Absolute Turnover
With a half-smile Baba gestured "Right side up"!
There Will Be Light
I perform no miracles, but when I break my silence the first and the last miracle will be performed.
More Than You Can Ever Love Yourself
The breaking of my Silence will help you to help yourself in knowing your real self.
The God-Man Will Utter Soon
And the Word that I the God-Man will utter soon will be the sound of My infinite Silence.
When He Breaks Open His Silence
All the world, our God-Man tells us, will know Him when He breaks open His silence and gives to it The Word.
Why Meher Baba Observed Silence
There was no need for an exchange of words.
Eternal Silence
God in the Beyond-Beyond state is eternally silent.
What Has Never Happened Before
When I break my Silence the impact will jolt the world out of its spiritual lethargy, and will push open the hearts of all who love Me and are connected with Me.
The Silence
We wait for the Wave of his Word to rise on his Ocean of Silence and beat on the doors of our hearts, and cry: Who? Who is your God?
The Sound Brake Of Silence
May Baba not break His Silence, but keep The Brake of Silence intact.
Make Him Speak!
After some moments, Narayan said, "You should make him speak! Why don't you make him speak?"
He Who Has Much To Announce
When I break my silence and speak, it will be this Primal Oceanic 'M-m-m' which I will utter through my human mouth.
Let Us All Drink The Pure Love Of God
Let us all drink the pure Love of God from the Cosmic Cup of Baba's Silence!
All His Pronouncements Proceed From The Truth
The silence of Avatar Meher Baba has been an integral part of His life for the benefit of humanity.
Baba's Silence Is Brahma Nada
Baba placed His forehead on my foot and I was loudly repeating Om thrice.
The Eloquence Of Silence, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
The metaphysics of Sound has to be understood first, in any endeavour to realize, understand and enter the realmless Silence, which Meher Baba is expounding with his life.
Just For One Minute
This veil of ignorance will disappear and this bliss that I speak of and which all long for will be experienced.
The Silence
We wait for the Wave of his Word to rise on his Ocean of Silence and beat on the doors of our hearts, and cry: Who? Who is your God?
Meher Baba's Message Sept 12, 1954
If you were to ask me why I do not speak, I would say I am not silent, and that I speak more eloquently through gestures and the alphabet board.
Message For The 41st Anniversary Of His Silence
On the 10th of July, 1966, the 41st anniversary of His Silence Avatar Meher Baba wishes all who love and obey Him and all who would want to do so, to observe complete silence for 24 hours beginning from midnight of the 9th to midnight of the 10th July in accordance with the local time.
That Single Bird Of Beauty
I maintain that all words are meaningless, except the Word of Words that Baba is going to utter, when He will break His Silence.
Baba Communicates Through His Silence
What proceeds from him is beyond words, does not need words, could not be contained in them.
To Keep Silence In The Company Of The Residents Of Meherazad
At the end of forty days Baba sent for all the mandali at Meherabad and Ahmednagar to be in Meherazad to break their silence when He came out of seclusion on 1st August [1949].
Avatar Meher Baba's Silence Anniversary
Beyond our perceptions of seeing, feeling and imagining, we do not know what His Silence really is.
I Bind Myself With Silence
I bind myself with silence and when I break it mankind will realize what real freedom is.
Silence Is The Language Of The Heart
He has introduced the Gospel of Silence in a world which has turned into a veritable Tower of Babel drowning in its din, bustle and confusion the still small voice of Love.
Just For One Minute
Do that regularly, this veil of ignorance will disappear and this bliss that I speak of and which all long for will be experienced.
Silence Day
"It's not anybody's silence, but it's My Silence; so it's best you also observe silence for a day."
On Silence And Chasing Desires
When will man stop asking for himself, stop the mad race for chasing transient desires, stop hating and wanting, stop the constant chattering of his mind that deafens him to the voice of God? That is to me most symbolic of Baba's Silence.
Remember His Silence When Reading Writings In His Name
He sometimes reminds those who read or listen to what he 'says' that he uses another language from theirs, which should be remembered when his words are considered.
In The Silence Of Their Minds
The helplessness that you feel now, here as you are in the body, is an illusion although God is so omnipotent. Why is that?
Do You Not Know That I Am Always Speaking?
Indeed, he has said that 'the voice of intuition is my voice.'
Baba's Breaking Of His Silence
All will know. But bulbs [hearts] that are fused will not give any light. That is why I have been telling you all to love Me more and more.
On 26 June, Baba declared that he would observe silence from 10 July 1925, and a sign about his statement was painted and erected at the entrance to Meherabad.
The Silence
When the mind finally gives up its relentless clamor, then the voice of Meher Baba's Silence will ring clear, pealing the Avataric Hour of Glorification.
One of the girls asked Baba if it were true that in the old times there were singers who could light candles and start fires by their singing.

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