Symbols of the world's religions

I love Sufism with all my heart. All aspects of every spiritual path belong to me, but Sufism is most dear to me.

~~ Meher Baba

PARTICIPATION IN SUFISM REORIENTED, Forward, pp. 52-53, James S. B. MacKie
1997 © Sufism Reoriented


Sufism Reoriented
Sufism Reoriented is an American school of spiritual training created in 1952 by Meher Baba and developed under his guidance.
The Light Is One: Part 1, Part 2
The Message is one, the message bearers are of various personalities.
Francis' First Meeting With Meher Baba
I am very serious about the reoriented Sufism, and we must be so honest as to have its results appearing all over the world.
The World Is A School
We are here to learn things and to go through the courses of whatever destiny has for us, because the world is a school.
Hama Dust — Everything Is For The Beloved God
Sufism in this aspect declares that although every soul was and is within God, it has temporarily and apparently to assume separateness to develop love for God, and through this love regain union with God.
The Stone, The Worm And The Dog
There are three stages of the disciple in Sufism.

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