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Murshida Ivy O. Duce

World-weariness can take all the savor from life. I am astonished at how many people so young have this world-weariness. They feel that there isn't any stability to anything. But, we are here to learn things and to go through the courses of whatever destiny has for us, because the world is a school. It is not anything else. It never has been meant to be anything else.

We are here to learn, and to bring out from within ourselves all of our potential, to develop skills. And, each time we come we must learn some other skill and do some other work. We must be indifferent to this, just what it is we have to do. No one can expect to be perfectly happy in school or that the learning process is painless!


SUFISM, p. 48
1971 © Sufism Reoriented, Inc.


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