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The momentum of the sanskaras that were prevented from being worked out is retained even in life after death, with the result that the departed spirit greatly desires the things of the gross world.

— Meher Baba

DISCOURSES, 7th ed, p. 305
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Much Unnecessary Suffering
An individual who commits suicide cuts short the period of his life artificially and thereby prevents the working out of those sanskaras that were released for fructification.
Suicide and Past Lives, Pt. 1, Pt. 2
One of the most tragic things today is to hear of people, especially young people in school or college, committing suicide because of a sense of failure.
Suicide May Be Divided Into Four Grades, Part 1 of 4
The lowest type is a last measure in escaping punishment or ignominy or utter frustration after the individual has tried unscrupulously to satisfy his own selfish desires.
Suicides Who Have Been Slightly Better Motivated, Part 2 of 4
In this group are those motivated by sheer disgust with life.
Privileges And Pleasures Of The Heavenly State, Part 3 of 4
It is inspired by altruistic motives alone and is a sacrifice made to secure the material or spiritual well-being of others.
The Highest Type Of Suicide, Part 4 of 4
The fourth or highest class results from intense desire to see God or to unite with Him; this is an extremely rare occurrence.
Krishna Nair
Krishna never saw the spirit, but he did hear a woman laughing.

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