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Bhau Kalchuri

Oh Meher, I have no expectations of You except this one:
If You give me just one look, I will see You in my heart.

Oh friends, do not ask me how long it takes to become One with the Beloved.
One person may require only a moment, while others may take innumerable lifetimes to be united with Him.

Oh friends, there are a few who can take four steps and reach their destination.
But there are many who devote entire lives and still do not find even a trace of the path.

Oh friends, do not ask me anything about love.
I am ailing in love for Him, yet He is never concerned about how I feel.

Oh intellectuals, you are so very clever — how can I argue with you?
How many births must you take to experience the wisdom of this madness?

Oh friends, you ask what is my line of work?
How should I know? The Beloved has taken over the business of my life.

Oh Bhau, why don't you retire into a cave somewhere and stay aloof from the world?
But if you retired into a cave, your mind would bring the whole world along with it.

OCEAN WAVES, Vol 2, p. 87
2008 © Bhau Kalchuri


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