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If you don't want to be old before you really ought to be old, be cheerful in thought, word, deed and appearance — most of all in appearance.

— Meher Baba

LOVE ALONE PREVAILS, Kitty Davy, p. 239
1981 © Meher Spiritual Center, Inc.


Meher Baba's Ways Of Transforming People
Illustrations of Meher Baba's way of transforming people.
Every Day
From his chair in the main hall at Guruprasad, Baba could see directly into the garden.
Time, Other Worlds, Thorns
From time to time various notices were posted for all to note and abide by.
Not Rules At All
The rules of love are not like ordinary rules. That is what I am trying to bring home to you. Really speaking, they are not rules at all.
Be Honest
Weaknesses there are. Do not be afraid of them. You must be afraid of dishonesty.
A Gracious Gift From The Guru
Baba sent to the boy a photo-medal of Himself, a book of His life, a mat, and some flour, all as Guru-prasad — a gracious gift from the Guru.
Bus Driver in Persia
All this meant a delay of three days for Baba and the party in an isolated desert place, though he kept himself and the others busy one way or the other.
Austerity, Self-Denial And Hardship
Meher Baba once remarked to his disciples, "Realization can be imparted to anyone in a second. It will then be for one's own self only with no benefit to others."
Pretending To Be Angry
Bhauji laughed and said "The Mandali who could pretend anger 100% of the time was Eruch. Eruch never got angry — never. He only pretended."
On The Cliff
The ferryman was very proud of the fact that during the cliff drama it was he alone who understood that Baba's gestures meant that He wanted a rope.
In Trouble With Baba
Baba's stern look made me realize that I had made a faux pas.
Five Minutes Over
Later I realized that He had not only encouraged me to eat more quickly; He had given me a beautiful memory.
Not Another Word
Again things settled down and peace descended — until one soldier, asserting himself more and more in the cramped space, pushed his booted feet against Baba's bare feet.
God Is Love
Extracting some green embroidery silk from my sewing bag, I embroidered the words "God is Love" onto the patch, put on the slacks and paraded around, giving everyone the only laugh of the afternoon.
Fit To Serve Me
Remember I am the Benefactor of all. Your sympathy cannot do a damned thing!
Eruch then said, "I want all residents to live like these two trees. They are both different in all respects — different leaves, different fruits, and completely different species, yet they exist in harmony, side by side."
Baba Gently Drew The Desire
Without giving her a direct order, Baba gently drew from my mother, who was new to His ways, the desire to be ever attentive to His needs.
Baba Says It's All Our Fault
You were left with the exhilarating knowledge that you had actually triumphed over your formidable ego.
Bhau Kalchuri: Baba Keeps Watch
Baba called me and asked, "Why did you wake up? Were you disturbed?"
Dal and Rice Started A Longing For Love
If I did not come, she would eat the dal and rice in the evening, thinking it was My Prasad.
Baba Was Trying To Deepen Our Feelings
Baba would keep us on our spiritual toes to keep our momentum going with him by making promises to break his silence, assigning fasts, or telling us he was coming to visit.
Sweet Reminiscences
Sri V. V. Narayana Rao questioned Baba, "Baba how to keep our contact with you, the Avatar, constantly?"
Using Tact In Conveying The Truth
Without telling him that he is wrong, suggest to him an optional way of doing it and make it appear that it is his suggestion and not yours.
God Has Patience And He Can Wait
You must have endurance or you are going to dally by the wayside and wander around in this valley or that one for a long time.
The Life Of The Spirit Is Unified
Baba, through His example, showed that the life of the spirit is unified, though made up of so many particles — a widening of interest, not a cutting down.
Fired With An Intense Enthusiasm For The Path
An aspirant of the Path has always to pass through the three stages of the mind, viz., enthusiasm, indifference and despair.
Purging And Burning Up Of The Dross
We were all in a curiously exhausted state. It was as if one had lived through a lifetime in this short period.
Baba's Radiant Smile Was Most Winning
You see, everybody is unbalanced.
Cheerfulness Was A Goal Most Worth Striving For
If you don't want to be old before you really ought to be old, be cheerful in thought, word, deed and appearance — most of all in appearance.
Bhau Kalchuri: The Only Discipline I Want From My Lovers
However you behave before Me, behave like that, wherever you are.
Proofs Positive Of Baba's Inner Help And Guidance
The events that transpired [in February] and the developments that took place through the "storm" are again due to Baba's inner working not merely as an "eye-opener" for all but also planned deliberately to bring both the best and the worst in all up onto the surface, destroy the worst and utilize the best for our inner growth and development necessary for the spiritual progress.
We Neglect Our Inner Self
Mani told us that it is deplorable how much we neglect our inner self.
He Has No Shame
The reason that all this is happening is because you want to please the people of the world.
Stop Trying And Start Remembering
Nana concluded, "Effort invites grace, so stop trying and start remembering Him."
To do what you don't like, and to quietly bear it, creates inner strength.
Suddenly Masaji came knocking at their place calling out to Naja. Baba had called the men mandali, telling them that He was hungry and wanted bhajias.
Training-School For Saints
One day in January, 1928, one Mohammedan boy of fifteen, now known as Chota (little) Baba, entered into the super-conscious state and remained unconscious of his body for four days.

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