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Illusion is a temporary phenomenon: something that is not what it appears to be. On this are based the following words: Illusion creates innumerable illusions, and each illusion leaves the marks of experience in the form of impressions.

For example, during the night, you are asleep and on waking up, your hand touches something near the bed and at once you think it is a scorpion. You have created a scorpion which is not there. But you shrink with fear, get out of bed, get a stick and hit the supposed scorpion. Then you see it was not a scorpion but something else.

Though there was no scorpion, the impressions of getting frightened, getting out of bed and hitting the scorpion are now stamped on your mind, and somehow have to be spent. So illusion continues, gaining impressions and spending impressions, and all the time illusion is preserved.


THREE INCREDIBLE WEEKS, p. 36, Charles Purdom and Malcolm Schloss
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