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Not until the shedding of the last vestige of Maya-created falsehood is God known as the Truth.

— Meher Baba

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Out Of The Tight Corner
Being thus imprisoned in Maya, the child began to cry with pain.
We Were Only Kidding Ourselves
"Eruch, aren't we kidding ourselves when we bow down to Baba's chair and pretend that he is here?"
Falsehoods Created By Maya
With the shedding of the last vestige of falsehoods created by Maya, the individualized soul not only knows its reality to be different from the gross, the subtle, or the mental body but it knows itself to be God, who is the only Reality.
It Is Impossible To Realise Me Without My Help
Ultimately, in the last stage, your own mouth must eat itself!
What Cannot Be Cured Must Be Endured
It is the law, which could not be avoided, and what cannot be cured must be endured.
At The Junction Of Reality And Illusion
With Reality on the one hand and Illusion on the other, I constantly experience as it were, a pull on either side. This is my crucifixion.
Playing With Illusions
It is not miracles, but understanding, which can bring you true freedom.
Illusion Creates Innumerable Illusions
So illusion continues, gaining impressions and spending impressions, and all the time illusion is preserved.
In course of time the religious "do's and don'ts" of the wise Rishis were very cleverly woven round by self-seeking priests, with a picturesque and awe-inspiring legend of the gods, demons, nectar, the moon in travail and its subsequent Moksha (freedom) for purposes all too patent to thinking minds.
Freedom From The Bondage Of Maya
One has to be in maya to come out of it.
The Man, The Woman, The Beast
Remember that the whole world is a zero.
Obligations To The Larger World
If the film world cannot or will not give the greatest importance to this spiritual potential, it is a failure.
Maya The Showman
But Maya is powerless to go against my Work — for Maya itself is the means by which I bring about the results of my Work.
The Beauty Of My Creatures
The beauty of creation is meant for you all — everything in creation is meant to serve as nothing less than a constant reminder for you to remember Me.
They Want To Remain Entangled
I want to make people free from maya's bindings, but they want to remain entangled in maya.
Hold Tightly To My Feet
Maya is like a rabid dog. Do not allow it to enter your mind. Drive it away as you would a mad dog.
Man Must Be Awakened To His True Nature
Man has to be stripped of his material possessions in order that he may realize through actual experience that his true base is spiritual and not material.
So Called Illusion Is Also Reality
Reality is all over, all-pervading. So-called illusion is also Reality. Illusion is the shadow of Reality.
Importance Of Understanding Maya
Every one wants to know and realise the Truth; but Truth cannot be known and realised as Truth unless ignorance is known and realised as being ignorance.
Ignorant men regard the world as the ultimate reality, but Dnyanis [possessors of spiritual knowledge] know that it is only illusion.
Maya's Grip
He used to beg in front of a temple, and as soon as he had collected 100 naiya paisa [penny coins] he would convert them into one pure silver rupee coin.
Analogy Of Drama
The actors are so engrossed in their respective roles that they treat them as being the be-all and end-all of all existence.
On Eclipse Of The Moon And The Sun
Why is such an occurrence as an eclipse deemed opportune for a fresh flux of religious ferver, particularly in the matter of perfecting some mantas?
Gain Without Even Asking!
After their return from the river, Baba said, "While we were on the boat I remembered a story about a Perfect Master."

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