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Meher Spiritual Center, Meher Baba's home in the West.
Avatar's Abode, Meher Baba's home in Australia.
Meher Mount, a universal center open to all.
Welcome Home, A Guide for Traveling to Meherabad.
Meherana Center for Spiritual Renewal.
Information about centers and places of pilgrimage.


Avatar of the Age, extensive Meher Baba website in USA.
Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust.
The Meher Baba Association in the United Kingdom.
Sheriar Foundation, Newsletter, Library Gift Program.
Meher Baba Centre, Bhopal, India.
Meher Baba Delhi Centre:
The Australian Meher Baba web.
The Divine Theme, Creation and Its Purpose.
The Norwegian Meher Baba page., your Baba oasis on the net., general information about Baba.
TrustMeher, 159 letters from Baba.
Meher Baba House in New York City.
Meher Fund, Inc. support for humanitarian works.
Photos albums, Etzion Becker Online.
All (Baba) Things Considered, Ann Conlon.
Sheriar Book's website specially for kids!

Bøker, litteratur, media

Browse or Search Meher Baba's Discourses.
Lord Meher, the entire 20 volume biography online.
Sheriar Books, books, videos, music, photos and art prints.
The Love Street Bookstore Online.
Searchlight Books, Celebrations of Meher Baba.
GLOW International, a quarterly journal.
MEFA, the Meher Baba Film Archive International.
A large collection of Books, videos and music.
Art gallery of paintings of Avatar Meher Baba by Wodin.
Gateway MediaWorks, the Witness Series video collection.
Videos of the Beloved.
A gallery of photos.
Multimedia messages from the Mandali.


The Meher Baba listservers and how to join them.
Keep in touch with Meherabad, Judy Stephens' Diary
News about events and happenings.


HeartMind, poetry by, for and about the Divine Beloved.
Offsite Links to poetry in the great HeartMind tradition.

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