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Upon the altar of humility we must offer our prayers to God.

— Meher Baba

TREASURES, ed. Jane Barry Haynes, p. 13
1980 © AMBPPCT


The Master's Prayer
Meher Baba dictated this prayer at Dhera Dun just prior to 21 days of Special Spiritual Work from the 13th of August to the 2nd of September, 1953, during which it was recited every day by one of the Mandali in Baba's presence.
The Prayer of Repentance
"Maybe some of you, or many of you, or all of you have no bindings, or desires and attachments. But as today I am in this state (of a devotee) I would like you to join me, to encourage me in asking God's forgiveness." — Meher Baba, November 8, 1952, introducing The Prayer of Repentance.
Gujarati Arti
May You command the Divine Power to extinguish the fire of our ignorance.
A Prayer For Baba's Lovers
A prayer for Meher Baba's lovers and Mandali that Baba had read out on August 25, 1959, at Meherazad.
The Essence of Prayer
The ideal prayer to the Lord is nothing more than spontaneous praise of His being.
Don't Expect An Answer
Just My Name — even if it be just My Name it will reach Me.
The Seven Names Of God Prayer
This simple prayer of seven names of God, representing the world's religions, was composed by Baba for the ashram boys to recite every day.
The Song Of The Panchvati Cave
Hari, Paramatma, Allah, Ahuramazd, God, Yezdan, Hu
Australian Arti
You are myself; I sing to You in praise
And beg Your Love to bear me through the days.
It Shall Be Thy Royal Throne
May our prayer to the Highest of the High be as that of the ancient mystic, whose words we hear sometimes over the radio while seated at breakfast with Him.
The Voice Of True Worship
When such expressions are spontaneous and not formal, and are in praise of the Highest of the High, they constitute true worship of God, for this reaches Him and is acceptable to Him.
Christian Prayer
O my Beloved! Suffer me not to be separated from Thee for ever and ever!
You Alone Exist (from The Nothing and the Everything)
You are in all the worlds;
   You are the Ocean of attributes!
      Oh Meher, God-Incarnate, You alone exist!
God, You Alone Exist (from Lord Meher)
You are in all the worlds; You are the Ocean of attributes!
Oh Meher, God-Incarnate, You alone exist!
Search The Depth Of Your Heart
Eight messages that Beloved Baba sent to Koduri Krishna Rao, to be put up in bold letters and prominently displayed in Mehersthan.
The Song Of God's Names
You all must sing the song of God's names together with rhythm and timing to produce an effect.
The Lord Himself Prayed
His appearance and His gaze would be that of one deep in the act of adoration, totally absorbed in participation in the prayers.
Washing The Avatar's Feet
I have asked God, whoever He may be, to forgive you for all your weaknesses.
Oh, Meher Baba! Save My Life!
This is the meaning of remembering Him with all our heart.
Bringing Together The Religions Of The World
Through the recitation of the prayers, I felt that Baba was bringing together the religions of the world "as beads on one string."
How To Take The Peanut Apart
'Dear Mr. Creator, please tell me what the universe was made for?'
Let Us Prove Worthy Of The Gift
In "The Die Is Cast" Baba says that we must not ask; for He knows without our asking Him.
Both The Creator And Creation In One
All prayers of different religions such as Hinduism, Islam and Christianity have a reference to the Creator.
Of Greater Worth Than Devotion
Upon the altar of humility we must offer our prayers to God.
One Big Zero!
Love means the renunciation of the self; prayer means selfishness, no matter how high the prayer may be.
The Language Of The Heart
While doing all duties, doing all deeds, while thinking all thoughts and speaking all words, we have always to have His remembrance, remembering Him as the background to everyone and everything.
One By One
Let us ask God's pardon!
If He Deems It To Be Fit And Necessary
Having created this supreme miracle of the universe, God does not bother about performing any minor miracles within this universe, but leaves it to the reign of laws.
The Aggressive Pattern Remains The Same
People ask God for forgiveness.
Remembrance Of The Lord
O Beloved Meher Baba! As I breathe, let my remembrance of you be a renewing music.
Mango Ice Cream
Baba clapped His hands to stop me and spelt out, "What do you mean, unknown God?"
Power Of His Name
If you find yourselves in a perilous situation, cry out my name loudly. I will then save you.
I was surprised by Mani's request and said, "Mani, you are Baba's sister and if He doesn't listen to your prayers, then why would He listen to mine?"
Essence Of The Zoroastrian Prayers
Baba said that the prayer was the essence of the Zoroastrian prayers, the others being given later by succeeding Masters over the ages.
Bobo's Prayer
'Child,' said Bobo, 'I can teach you a simple prayer that is shorter than a minute.'
Intellectual Disputations
Intellectual disputations about God will not bring you any nearer to Him, and may take you farther away. But persistent, heartfelt prayers to Him will lower the veil that now envelopes you in darkness.
The Pulpit Of The Heart
By all means, perform your prayers, but do not become an automaton.
The Prayer Of Repentance
Baba, with all humbleness, implores You, O All-Merciful God! To accept the Prayer of Repentance from Him on behalf of all His lovers and on behalf of all who are worthy of being forgiven.
Spontaneous Prayer
In the inner spiritual panorama of the universe nothing is more sublime than a spontaneous prayer.
Describing God's Attributes
Later Baba gestured, "It is important, very important, that people find God in disagreeable things, that they find Me in disagreeable things.
It Remains To Be Seen
We are worried about the impending doom on our own planet, the collapse of our world
Prayer As Inner Approach
The ideal prayer to the Lord is nothing more than spontaneous praise of His being. You praise Him, not in the spirit of bargain but in the spirit of self-forgetful appreciation of what He really is.
My Heart Was Pierced
Before R. and A. could make arrangements for the disposition of the mutilated body of their son, it was time for A. to attend and maintain the continuity of the japa — this he did promptly, without a second thought.
Our Own Doing
I do not know how far Baba's prayer, which was given universally, would change or reform us, but if you read that prayer of repentance, you will certainly agree that if we have to pray at all to someone called God, we should pray exactly in those words.
Pushing A Button On The Remote Control
When we remember Baba or say the prayers He has given us, in which He Himself participated hundreds of times, this is like picking up the phone to find that the connection has been made automatically.
Offering Of These Prayers Is Not A Ritual
Whenever anyone recites these prayers, they will be helped spiritually because of My present personal participation.
Bujaave Naar
O God, command that the fire of ignorance be extinguished!

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