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If those who love Me will just for one minute, as now, be silent in their minds just before they go to bed and think of Me and picture Me in the silence of their minds, and do that regularly, then this veil of ignorance that they have will disappear and this bliss that I speak of and which all long for, they shall experience.

— Meher Baba

THE OCEAN OF LOVE,Delia DeLeon, p. 186
1991 © Meher Baba Association


He was himself, and in that self lay the secret of finding one's own self.
In the Kingdom Of Love
The days are lively and bright and the sun shines on, happy to see the Lord feasting with those of His own in the Kingdom of Love.
Seven Sahavas Sayings
Desire for nothing except desirelessness.
If Somehow I Could Touch His Hand
"Baba is artist for artists, scientist for scientists, and everything else for everybody else," I said.
He Glowed Like The Sun
The neck brace was removed, and to me it seemed as though even the structure and texture of His face changed.
The Beginning Of My Belief In Baba
I was trembling and about to fall at His feet, after confessing the truth.
A Withdrawal Into Work
They could see for themselves that it involved intense suffering both bodily and mental.
Read His Works Over And Over Again
Owning Baba books is a Sahavas or companionship which has so much grown in need, especially after Baba dropped His body.
Don't You Love That Place Best?
You like the Himalayas for the spiritual atmosphere, but what about that place within you where God dwells?
How Natural Meher Baba Was
Baba wanted His lovers to feel relaxed in His presence.
Hardly Four Years Old
Hearing that some neighbours were travelling to Poona to see Baba, she had urged and insisted with tears that her mother allow her to go with them and see him.
Love Only Gives And Goes On Giving
When in my sahavas (company) be attentive and receptive to what I may say, but do not question.
Universe Full Of Bliss
By keeping close company with a so-called saint or Master, you will come to know who is real and who is false.
I Wonder Which Is Better
What shall we do? Shall we go on explaining things, or shall we be quiet?
They Are Also Here With Me
To another who began to present information of a personal nature, Baba remarked, "I am omniscient; there is no need to tell Me more than what is asked."
The East-West Gathering: Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
My Story, by Judith Garbett.
2009 Meherabad Young Adult Sahavas
It's that sun-speckled shade of the tree-lined road to Meherazad which says so sweetly, "Welcome Home."
Meher Baba's Last Moments In America
The circumstances of this American Sahavas were unique. Our Beloved, out of love for us, had journeyed all the way from India, while enduring an ever-deepening suffering for mankind, to give us the incomparable blessing of his companionship, and to allow us to share his suffering in a small way.
The Beginning Of "The East-West Gathering"
All this talk about a big meeting in India aroused a great deal of interest and excitement among the group — and especially so when Baba turned his attention to the matter of inviting members of the Western group.
Talking To The Wedding-Guests
He had covered the Shape of suffering with a veil of radiance so that his lovers would have gladness to take away with them.
A Nightingale Of Pure Praise
We can endure all things, Beloved, even the ash of countless lives, so long as some day you breathe on that ash and from it arises a nightingale of pure praise.
Love's Thorns Of Remembrance
On the last day of the Marathi Sahavas of November 1955, Baba led the whole group out of Mandali Hall to see the masts Ali Shah and Mohammed in the Family Quarters near Arangaon.
Everyone But The Bewildered Cameraman
The great dilemma was how to satisfy the needs of the camera for sunlight, and Baba's need for shade.
I Will Make This Clear As Never Before
In the meeting, I will make this clear as never before, and any of you who are strong enough to carry out that message will do My work.
A Big Stack Of Hay
Although it takes a lot of time to build a big stack of hay, a single lighted match can burn all of it in no time at all.
Take As Much Of Me With You As Possible
Do not expect that by coming here your difficulties will be solved.
Words Carry No Meaning
He who approaches me with a heart full of love has my sahavas.
With His Name On Their Lips
Those attending the sahavas were drowned in Baba's Ocean of Love, and after the arti, Baba asked all to go for lunch.
I Have Come For Love
Forget all your homes and be with Baba. Forget your worries and difficulties. Be quite at home and at ease here. Enjoy the company of Baba.
Amidst Their Tears Of Joy
Instead of taking the usual road, Baba insisted to everyone's surprise on taking a little used path in almost the opposite direction.
Baba Acknowledged Their Love
For the first time in the history of Meherabad a train arrived and halted there.
Whoever Loves God Becomes God
From the Beginning of all Beginnings I have been saying, I say it now, and to the End of Ends I will say it, that he who loves God becomes God.
The Company Of God, 1955
For Baba, to constantly give darshan, to meet people, to give his sahavas was an exhausting task, because with the shower of his love, he was taking upon himself the good and bad sanskaras of those who came in his contact.
Sit Within The Privacy Of Its Shrouds
It was mid-afternoon, and the strains of songs from the great Sufi mystics floated from the dormitory atop the old military reservoir.
Meher Baba's Last Sahavas
The sudden news was like a strong blow that literally stunned all.

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